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To our Customers

Welcome to Mineral marche.

Mineral marche has trade shows for the general public in addition to ones for merchants.
We are consistently creating an environment in which novices to the industry from small children to senior citizens, who have never come to a mineral event or are interested in minerals but aren't sure what they should do, can enjoy the full spectrum of the mineral industry without hesitation.

By placing our staff to create an atmosphere where it's easy to ask questions without much knowledge on minerals and by implementing an activity corner and other projects to let first time visitors join in and enjoy their day here, we provide an environment in which we encourage our visiting customers to become familiar with the world of minerals, even if only a little bit.Each member of our staff always conducts themselves with consideration to creating an event in which all customers can enjoy themselves.
It's always okay to just start by checking it out and visiting an event. Please do come to experience a world that you never knew until now.

Since English language interpreting is a permanent feature at our venues, please feel at ease coming to the venue.

We will give you directions to the venue and answer any kind of question, so please feel free to contact us using the inquiry form. One of our employees will respond to you immediately.

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To those wishing to be exhibitors

We accept foreign companies to be exhibitors at Mineral Show.

If you wish to be an exhibitor, please contact us using the Entry Form below.
One of our employees responds to you immediately for more information.